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krama vs. karma

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One of the most fun questions for us to answer is "Why did you misspell karma?"  The core of what we do lives in our name, so it's a pleasure to have the conversation about the wordplay behind it.

Krama means scarf in Khmer, the language of Cambodia, and scarves are day-to-day staples in the Cambodian countryside. Ironically, warmth is the last thing the scarves are intended to provide. As a country whose high temperature rarely falls below 80°, in Cambodia the cotton gingham styles are mostly used as head wraps to shield from the intense heat.   {Speaking of "gingham style" and wordplay, have you seen this?}

In the Buddhist tradition, the karma wheel is made up of the actions we take and the resulting effect we have upon the world. Or in other words, "what goes around, comes around."  Our goal is to be as socially-responsible as possible at every stage of our business, from how the handmade scarves and uniforms are produced to how each sale directly impacts the life of a child, giving her or him access to education. Customers like you complete this cycle of positive change: each time you purchase one of our scarves or share our story, you help keep the wheel in motion.

And there you have it, we combined the two and krama wheel was born. 

~ ~ ~

Traveling somewhere chilly this summer with your emerald tola? Or finding shelter from the sun under your coral kem? Show us your photos of where and how you wear your krama wheel scarves by tagging @kramawheel on TwitterInstagram or Facebook
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