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It's Our 5th Anniversary

anniversary behind the scenes giving wander well

roniWhen I first traveled to Cambodia 7 years ago, I never imagined that my small fundraising project to support a local NGO would evolve into a small business a couple of years later. I launched krama wheel among family and friends in 2012, and one year later returned to Cambodia to deliver school uniforms to the village where it all began. This photo is from that visit. That’s me sitting on a bag of school supplies with the uniforms in my lap (we had to travel by motorized ox cart to reach Cham Resh village because the terrain was too rough for our truck).

Now, 5 years in, I’m so proud of the growing impact you and I have made together in many more Cambodian communities, from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap and beyond.

Thousands of school uniforms have been donated, giving children in a dozen villages in and around Siem Reap access to education who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to attend school.

Your purchases have also supported the crafts and livelihoods of two talented and dedicated groups of artisans: the weavers who work from home looming each scarf, and the co-op of seamstresses who hand-sew each child’s uniform.

When you invest in one of our products, know that you are touching far more than the life of one child, one weaver and one seamstress. The impact of investing in these individuals reverberates throughout their families, their communities, our world.

Awk-uhn (thank you in Khmer) from the bottom of my heart for the part you’ve played in keeping this cycle of positive change in motion.

wander well,


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