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krama wheel blog — updates from Cambodia

story of a seamstress

eco fashion giving mother's day seamstresses sustainability uniforms updates from Cambodia

Mothers are on our mind this week so we're highlighting one of the many strong and inspiring women and mothers who make our cycle of positive change possible. Meet Noeun Chork Noeun is one of the seamstresses who not only hand-sews the school uniforms we donate, but she also goes to the schools to take the measurements of the children to ensure each of their uniforms is a good fit. Her family is among the poorest in her village outside of Siem Reap, Cambodia.  When her husband passed away, she was left with 4 children to take care of on...

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khmer new year

cambodian new year free shipping updates from Cambodia

New Year's comes twice for us at krama wheel HQ. We love getting warm and fuzzy notes throughout April from our partners and friends in Cambodia wishing us "good health, luck and dreams come true" as they prepare to celebrate the end of the harvest and the impending rainy season. We are incredibly grateful for our good fortune and health, and especially for our ability to do what we do.  It's helping their dreams come to life that brings the most joy to each day.  In celebration of Khmer (Cambodian) New Year and our new spring namesake, we are offering free shipping on all...

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the women behind our wheel

eco fashion scarves sustainability updates from Cambodia weavers

Today is International Women's Day so we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the women at the core of our work: the weavers. Most of our weavers are older women who work on personal looms under their homes (houses in the Cambodian countryside are built on stilts to protect families from the annual floods).  Stroke by stroke they weave with their hands while masterfully working foot pedals to guide the process along. It's truly mesmerizing watching them go, and the end results are of course stunning.   Just as quality scarves are of utmost importance to our cause, so...

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turning scarves to smiles

education giving sustainability uniforms updates from Cambodia

Meet some of the children your purchases have helped! Your recent purchase has allowed us to supply school uniforms in 3 remote villages in Cambodia's Siem Reap province.  One of the core pieces that keeps our cycle of change in motion is this investment in children in these villages who otherwise may never have the opportunity to go to school.   We wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to these glowing smiles.     You as an individual are just as an important spoke in our wheel of change as the one child, one seamstress and one weaver...

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school uniforms coming to life

giving uniforms updates from Cambodia

We want to show you the very real impact your purchase of a krama wheel scarf makes.   Seamstresses in Cambodia are busy sewing our first batch of school uniforms. The first big give is just around the corner, but here's a peek into how the uniforms are coming along.  Below are photos of one of our seamstresses, Chak, at work.  We love that we (including you!) can support her trade while also having her help us change lives in surrounding communities.    

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