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Behind the Scenes: Salai Beach Throw Collection

beach throws behind the scenes updates from Cambodia weavers

How often do you stop to really think about just how much craftsmanship and effort went into making something you own or see? By my senior year as an art history major in college, I found myself jaded and no longer impressed with the masterpieces I was studying. This made me very uneasy given the degree I was about to receive, so I decided to take a painting class my last semester. Luckily I passed, but it was one of the most challenging courses I had ever taken. It put things in perspective very quickly and gave me a renewed appreciation of the...

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A visual snapshot of the krama wheel cycle

giving scarves seamstresses sustainability uniforms updates from Cambodia wander well weavers

Our whirlwind journey in Cambodia may be coming to an end, but we experienced so many sights, felt so many emotions, and met with so many wonderful friends, new and old, that the week-long visit felt so much longer. For those of you who followed along with the #wanderwell hashtag on Instagram and Facebook, we hope you enjoyed being a part of each day. For everyone else, below is a photo and video recap of our journey, which included visiting our weavers and seamstresses, and delivering new school uniforms to children in 5 villages. I hope this will give you...

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the women behind our wheel

eco fashion scarves sustainability updates from Cambodia weavers

Today is International Women's Day so we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the women at the core of our work: the weavers. Most of our weavers are older women who work on personal looms under their homes (houses in the Cambodian countryside are built on stilts to protect families from the annual floods).  Stroke by stroke they weave with their hands while masterfully working foot pedals to guide the process along. It's truly mesmerizing watching them go, and the end results are of course stunning.   Just as quality scarves are of utmost importance to our cause, so...

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