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our story

our vision

The krama wheel collection is for wanderers and wonderers who take on each day with style and purpose. For those who embrace opportunities to have an impact wherever they go, both near and far.  We create a cycle of positive change in the world, one thread at a time.

our products

Each krama wheel product is hand-loomed by a weaver who works from home in Cambodia. The cotton is hand-dyed, the fringe is hand-knotted, and the labels are hand-sewn, giving each stage of production a human touch.  All of our products travel well and are versatile enough to easily transition through the changing seasons or time-zones.

our impact



A child cannot attend school in Cambodia without a school uniform. Countless Cambodian families cannot afford this basic yet essential set of clothing to put their children in school. Our goal is to give children access to education while also empowering artisans to make a living. For each item you purchase:

  • one weaver is paid fairly, treated respectfully, and better able to support her family.

  • one local seamstress is paid to sew a school uniform.

  • one child gets a uniform so he or she can attend school.

We deepen the impact by re-investing in the country’s future and keeping the entire process on the ground in Cambodia. You are at the core of our movement. When you wrap yourself in one of our products, you wrap a child in a sense of hope and self-worth. See photos and videos of our entire cycle on the blog.

our name

Krama (KRA-muh) means scarf in Khmer, the language of Cambodia. In the Buddhist tradition, the karma wheel is made up of the actions we take and the resulting effect we have upon the world. We combined the two terms and krama wheel was born with the vision to put positive change in motion through scarves. 

message from the founder

“Possibility of Visit,” a simple signpost I saw while exploring Angkor Wat, really stuck with me after my first visit to Cambodia.  It was a poor translation in terms of pointing you in the right direction through the temple, but the literal translation could not have been more poignant...  

The inspiration for krama wheel came to me during an unexpected ending to a backpacking journey through Southeast Asia. The original plan was to make a quick stop in Cambodia to see the famous Angkor Wat before continuing on to the Thai beaches. But from the moment I arrived, I was struck by the beauty and kindness of the people. I quickly learned about the genocide that plagued the country in the 1970s, leaving millions displaced, poverty-stricken or dead.  Feeling the urge to do something, I bailed on my beach plans and spent the rest of my journey in Cambodia engaging with different communities and learning about the enormous challenges they face.

During my time there I discovered the vibrant markets, which sparked an idea for a way I could continue to help from home. After multiple trips to various markets around Siem Reap, I ended up with a backpack overflowing with colorful scarves. Back home in Austin, I made a mobile "boutique" out of my car trunk and zipped around town showing them to everyone I could. The scarves, and more importantly the stories of the people they stood for, were an instant hit. All proceeds went back to build a community center in a remote Cambodian village. It was a powerful realization that a universal product like a scarf had potential to do infinitely greater good in the world. 

The words on that sign are the inspiration behind the krama wheel vision. We want to inspire the wanderers and wonderers of the world to embrace opportunities to make a positive impact. Whether through the purchase of one of our products or through a chance encounter across the globe, the possibilities are out there if you let them in. ~ Roni Sivan